A Service of Remembrance for All Souls

Every year we gather in one of our churches to hold a special service in which we remember those we love but have lost. At this service we remember all those whose funerals have been supported by our clergy over the past couple of years, and we also remember those who are special to us in other ways, whether their funeral was recent or a long time ago. We remind ourselves that all are special to God, and that, as we entrusted our loved ones to God at their funeral, God continues to hold and care for each of them today.

Sadly we are not able to host this service in our church buildings this year. But, we have recorded a service which will be posted online on Sunday afternoon. We usually hold this service in the evening as it is getting dark and the day is coming to an end, and I suggest this would be a good time to take a few minutes, watch the video, remember your loved ones, and seek for that renewal of faith and hope that we look for at this time. All of those for whom we have helped with a funeral, and all who have requested remembrance for their loved ones, both last year and this, will be remembered in private prayer by the Vicar.

The service is now available at – https://vimeo.com/474382083

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