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Stations of The Resurrection

Heard of Stations of the Cross? Well, this is Stations of the Resurrection. The cross was never meant to be a stop-off point, but more a door through to the next stage of the story. Here we follow 17 stations which take the story on.

It’s quite long, and (I hope) quite thought provoking. So, I’d suggest using the video a bit at a time. Stop when you need to, and return when you’re ready.

Can’t attend a funeral?

Currently, attendance at a funeral, either at the graveside or at a crematorium, is limited to ten people. This means there many who cannot say that final goodbye to those they have known and loved. Whilst we are intending to offer memorial services once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted, there is still a need to mark the loss of a loved one now. Here’s a link to a new resource from the Church of England for those who cannot be present but wish to say goodbye:

Service for Lent 5

Here’s a service for use on the 5th Sunday of Lent. There’s a liturgy that can be downloaded and printed or viewed on your mobile device and also a video of the service. Please note that the sound quality isn’t too good at the start and in one or two other places. This is the first video I’ve produced in many years, and things should improve. Any comments would be welcome.

The video is here –