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Rogation Service – 17th May

Our service this Sunday is something a little different, and a little longer.

Rogation is a counterbalance to Harvest. Traditionally communities would “beat the bounds” together, renewing a sense of identity and praying for the harvest of land, sea, craft and industry. At St Michael’s, Beer, we maintain a Rogation tradition. Beginning in our church building we move, in stages, through the village and ending at the beach. Through our prayers and reflection Rogation can be a powerful reminder of all the many different people and resources which keep our life supplied and plentiful, and so it can be an antidote to self-centredness.

As an added bonus, you get to hear the vicar sing on the video. I can only apologise.

And the video can be found here –

And, as an extra bonus, here’s a service Karen has kindly prepared;

Sunday 21st May: Rogation the 6th Sunday of Easter ...

Prayers and Reflections for VE Day 75th Anniversary – 8th May

It’s now 75 years since the guns fell silent over Europe and the work of rebuilding and reconciliation began. The youngest serving soldiers from that war are now well into their nineties, and we will not have their living memory with us for many more years. It had been hoped to make a long weekend of remembrance and thanksgiving. Despite the limitations imposed on these planned events, it is right that we should still quiet ourselves and give thanks for peace.

As well as the other means of marking this occasion, here is a simple video using some of the prayers and words prepared previously for this time:

PM unveils plans to mark 75 years since VE Day - GOV.UK