Holy Communion

Our two Parishes have agreed to restart services of Holy Communion, beginning this Sunday, the 9th August. It will be very special to share this sacrament together again, just as it has been wonderful to gather together again over these past weeks.

On Sunday 9th August there will be a service of Holy Communion at 9.30 am at St Michael’s, Beer, followed by an 11.00am Service of the Word at St Gregory’s Seaton, where we will also host our telephone service.

On Sunday 16th August this will be reversed; 9.30am Service of the Word at Beer followed by 11.00am Holy Communion at Seaton. Participants with the 11.00am telephone service are given the option of having the clergy bring the sacrament to them if they feel safe to receive it this way.

Strong guidelines on how to conduct such a service have been received from the Church of England and these will be followed. Please co-operate with directions given by the sidemen and clergy.

The online service and the telephone service will continue on a weekly basis.

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