Rogation Service – 17th May

Our service this Sunday is something a little different, and a little longer.

Rogation is a counterbalance to Harvest. Traditionally communities would “beat the bounds” together, renewing a sense of identity and praying for the harvest of land, sea, craft and industry. At St Michael’s, Beer, we maintain a Rogation tradition. Beginning in our church building we move, in stages, through the village and ending at the beach. Through our prayers and reflection Rogation can be a powerful reminder of all the many different people and resources which keep our life supplied and plentiful, and so it can be an antidote to self-centredness.

As an added bonus, you get to hear the vicar sing on the video. I can only apologise.

And the video can be found here –

And, as an extra bonus, here’s a service Karen has kindly prepared;

Sunday 21st May: Rogation the 6th Sunday of Easter ...

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