Who we are

St Gregory’s, Seaton and St Michael’s Beer, are Christian communities many centuries old, serving their parishes today.

We are part of the Diocese of Exeter, in the Church of England, which is part of the world wide Anglican Communion.

Our buildings are of historical interest;

St Michael’s, Beer, sits on the site of a far older church building, and was originally built to accommodate the entire parish. There’s ambition!

Cemetery Chapel, Beer, was where funerals were held in Beer until the current Church building was constructed.

St Gregory’s, Seaton, is Seaton’s oldest and only Grade 1 listed building. It stands on the site of an earlier Saxon Church, which itself stands on the site of,… well, we don’t know, but where the church currently stands was the centre of Roman Seaton and its harbour-side until the estuary silted up in the C14th.

St Gregory’s Church Centre, Seaton, is probably not of historical interest, but is a great resource for the Church and wider Community today. Re-ordered a few years ago it boast many upgrades to reduce its environmental impact, as well as good space and a well-fitted kitchen. It hosts Freedom Cafe and 3.2.1 for Jesus. The Centre is available for hire.

We have good records for both parishes of births, marriages and deaths. These are held in the County Archive, which should be the first point of contact for anyone researching their family tree.

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The Anglican Churches of Seaton and Beer in Devon