Annual Meetings 2020

Our Annual Parochial Church Meetings are usually held in the Spring, but fell foul of Covid-19, as did many other events. We are required to hold our meetings before the end of October, and will be doing so as follows:

St Michael’s: Sunday 18th October at 10.30am

St Gregory’s: Sunday 18th October at 11.45am

Both will be held in the respective Church building shortly after the morning service.

What happens at the meeting? We hear and receive reports on the activity of our Church in 2019 and its finances. we elect Churchwardens, new PCC members and Deanery Synod representatives.

How do I get to be one of those? If you are a communicant Anglican, or member of a Church in communion with the Church of England, you can offer your services. Nomination forms are available in our Church buildings or from the Vicar.

Will we follow social distancing and other Covid-19 guidelines? Yes

Can I come? If you live in the Parish or worship here, yes.

Do I have to come to the service first? No, there will be a short break between the service and the meeting for people to leave and enter, but you would be welcome to both.

What if I’m concerned about my health? The meetings will both be shared by Zoom, allowing people elsewhere to see, hear and comment.

What if I cannot come and do not have access to the internet? You are welcome to have a written question read out and to receive a written answer, but I regret we cannot accommodate you otherwise. We are legally obliged to hold this meeting and are doing everything we can to accommodate all who would wish to join in.

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